What do i do?

Facebook remains King Social Network.
Instagram is becoming Queen now.
Advertising on those platforms is a future.
Well planned and designed, internet adverts are powerful and profitable.

Don't leave your ad to blind luck.

Leave it to ME.


The most important thing in business is understanding. That is why I start with explaining how does the internet marketing work and what is a main purpose of advertising.
I want you to know how we are going to bring your business to a higher level.

Social Media Management

Creating a trustworthy page is the first step to the success: people get to know you better, they can see that you are not another ghost-company.
Your customers want to know that you are a real person and that you will take care of them as you do about your business. This is my role here: to build your image through Facebook and/or Instagram and make people want to cooperate with you.


Facebook and Instagram are the most cost-effective advertising. No more billboards!
The world is happening in the Internet right now and that is where your business can happen too.
Long story short: With your Facebook/Instagram page you can target your potential customers and make them aware of your existence. Then you just remind them about yourself. And remind again... and again.


People buy with their eyes. You have 2.7 seconds to grab someone's attention.
I specialise in creating an eye-catching headlines, graphics and images.
No matter how complex text you need (an email, a short post, an article) - I'm here for YOU!


Who stands behind webee marketing?

My name is Justyna. I’m a social media marketing freelancer and a founder of WeBee Marketing.
I cooperate with small and medium companies to build stronger relations with customers and to make the business more profitable via Facebook and Instagram advertising. I have an individual approach for every customer. Together we will build a perfect marketing package, which meets all your needs and (most importantly) needs of your customers.
Moreover, I specialise in other social media areas: content creation, marketing strategy, building a brand awareness and whole management itself.
See you on the stress-free way to success
PS. If it still doesn’t ring any bell (which didn’t to me, when I first stepped into this field), let’s talk and discuss any possible questions.

2.6 billion

people using Facebook alone

over 500 million

daily active Instagram users

Let's do some smart work. Together.

I understand how important it is to check the product, which you are about to invest in.
This is why I'm offering FREE consultation and strategy build-up. It is easier to understand why you want it once you try it. See you soon in the new era of your business.

"I highly recommend WeBee Marketing. Justyna is an open minded person, very energetic and she puts all of her heart into the work- she is really a part of a team. Before our cooperation my brand was common in Poland. Justyna helps me to extend my activity to the United Kingdom and now we go even further- social media advertising has no boundaries! WeBee Marketing advertising tools are very effective and also very cheap compared to other available solutions. I definitely continue cooperation with Justyna as an important part of my growing up business."

Konrad Gaska

My name is Alexandr and I am an owner of a medical travel agency "GCTravel". (https://globalclinics.co.uk) During our current collaboration with Webee Marketing (Justyna) in promoting and advertising my business, she showed her deep knowledge in the social media ad field. She helped me a lot in attracting new clients and visitors to my web page. I would highly recommend her as a brilliant professional and reliable person. I will definitely require her help in the future. Good job Justyna!

Alexandr Bogomaniuc
CEO GCTravel

Speak up and make your brand visible. Today.